Danger : Don't Let This Happen To Your Family In An Underground Shelter

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Danger : Don't Subject Your Family To The Dangers of a Steel Structure

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FOX2now interview with Oz Saferooms very own Storm Research and Safety Specialist Mike Weiss

OZ Invited to 2010 National Severe Weather Workshop

Del City Chamber hosts
Ribbon Cutting at OZ FormTech

Research Team



stating that the U.S. Government will provide SAFEROOMS for ALL trailer & mobile home parks.

Oz joins Greater Oklahoma City Chamber.

Oz form tech attends Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance two-day Conference in Tulsa, OK.

Oz Forms Tech becomes corporate member of O.E.M(Oklahoma Emergency Management)

Oz Form Tech joins and attends C.O.M.A
(Central Oklahoma Manufacturing Association) 10th Annual Legislative Forum, held at the Campus of Moore Norman Technology

OZ attends Oklahoma Venture Forum

Andrew Zagorski joins ELC (Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and CEO's.) Roundtable



Andrew Zagorski is a form specialist by trade, meaning that he builds breakaway wooden forms into which concrete can be poured. He has over 30 years experience in this field creating structures for Pure Waters of Rochester New York, the Ginna Nuclear Power Plant and repair work under Niagara Falls.

In 1998 Andrew combined his extensive experience as a carpenter, form worker, steel worker, and a mason, in cooperation with F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency), to develop the OZ SAFEROOM for about the price of a small used car.


vice president

Andrew P. Zagorski is the Vice President, and is on the Board of Directors of OZ Saferooms.

In 1999 Andrew P. Zagorski relocated to Oklahoma from Rochester, NY at eighteen years of age. He worked alongside his father Andrew in form work, well before the inception of OZ Saferooms. He has eighteen years experience with OZ Saferooms alone, and has been doing the saferooms since the first one that was built in 1998 in Macedon, NY.

He is in charge from start to finish with each saferoom. This involves the training, crew management, forming, manufacturing doors, steel work, pumping concrete, delivery of prefabricated saferooms, and crane operation.

Along with Andrew SR. he graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology Student Incubator Program in 2005. Through RIT a finite analysis was completed in 2004 with extreme testing which involved a car drop test. OZ Saferooms passed, and surpassed the standards for those tests.

Another Finite Element Analysis was done in 2015 with Andrew P. Zagorski working once more side by side with Dr. Edward Hensel, and Dr. Benjamin Varela. Andrew P. Zagorski worked on both finite analysis tests until completion.

Andrew is responsible for the training of all crew members. The forming crew, the pumping crew, and the stripping crew have learned from him. He coordinates all transportation which entails arranging the fleets of trucks, and trailers for each crew.

Andrew P. Zagorski has designed and built larger custom structures seeing them from start to completion.

Andrew is a trained driver and crane operator. He is responsible for building, and delivering the first prefabricated monolithic saferoom, on a ninety ton low-boy with a one hundred ton crane attached. This was designed by his father and custom built specifically for OZ Saferooms. This operation of delivering such a structure, in such a way, was the first of its kind.

Another, first of it’s kind operation that Andrew started is, removal, of OZ customers’ inefficient, unsafe, obsolete tornado shelters. This has been very successful.

Building business relations in the community, Andrew started the first distributorship in Crescent, Oklahoma and opened another sales office in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

Andrew has met with a vast number of local attorneys, state representatives, senators, and governors for saferoom projects, and non-profit organizations. He personally hosts seminars at The National Weather Center, and various trade shows.

Andrew has been featured in Oklahoma on their local television channels 9, 10, 12, and all the local networks in Rochester, New York. He was also featured on the PBS show Ask This Old House. In 2013, after the May 20th tornado, he was featured on CNN, and a host of many other networks during that time. He is very well known in the weather news community.

Last, but not least, Andrew P. Zagorski has been involved with every aspect of the development of OZ Saferooms, and has made a name for himself since he is an expert in this field.

James Caruso

Mr. Caruso has 26 years of experience in the construction industry. His background includes a multitude of accomplishments, working hand in hand with municipalities bringing projects from conception to completion, Designing and drafting complete working drawings for developers, Civil engineers and land owners. As a consultant, James has designed and overseen the construction of many residential and commercial developments. Created trusting relationships with Architects, Engineers, City and County employees along with developers brings an advantage for Oz Saferooms. James has worked hands on with the Oz team, providing plans to standardize the construction of saferoom forms, doors and metal fabrication. Teaching and laying out techniques that will achieve specific tasks in an efficient manner for each specialized construction crew. James is currently working on other aspects of the company including printed advertising & branding, acquired registered trademarks for the company, Saferoom sales, acquiring permits, and working with the company’s SEC attorney, CPA, Auditing firm and patent attorney.

Jerry Morris

Work experience: 1970 to 1981, Buckner & Moore Construction (Moore, Oklahoma) entry position was a carpenter apprentice, and elevated to project superintendent within 3 years. Position included project superintendent, office and estimating training. Included Federal Government projects on Tinker Air Force Base/Oklahoma City, Ok; FAA/ Will Rogers Airport/ Oklahoma City, OK.; Ft. Sill Army Base/ Lawton, OK.; Altus Air Force Base/ Altus, OK.; and Vance Air Force Base/Enid, OK. Projects range in size from $500,000 - $5,000,000. Completed $15,000,000 annually.

1981 to 1983: Venture Construction Co. Inc., 10% owner, Position and duties included Project Manager/Estimator. Projects were all on Tinker Air Force Base/Oklahoma City, OK. Projects Range in size from $50,000 - $2,000,000. Completed $7,000,000 to $10,000,000 annually.

1984 to 1987: R&M Construction Co. Inc., 50% owner, Position and duties included CEO/President, Project Manager/Estimator. Projects were all on Tinker AFB/Oklahoma City, OK. Projects range in sizes from $50,000 - $2,000,000. Completed $8,000,000 to $10,000,000 annually.

1987 to 2004: J. Morris & Associates, Inc. 80% owner, Position included Sec/Treas., Project Manager/Estimator. Specializing in Federal, State, and Local Government construction. Company included branch offices in Kansas and Texas with main office located in Oklahoma City. Federal project in each State were mostly on Military Bases and FAA Facilities in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. State Agencies and City projects in Oklahoma only. Project range in sizes from $50,000 - $6,000,000. Completed $20,000,000 to $25,000,000 annually.

1999 to Present: Timber Investors LLC, 100% owner, Position included General Manager of investment properties including 20,000 acres of timber property in southeastern Oklahoma, commercial and development properties in all parts of the State.

2013 to Present: Indian Health Services, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, Position includes design and inspection of Indian Health Facilities for the Federal Government and Tribes.

The Oz Saferoom is a fully vented, 20-ton, steel-reinforced, monolithically poured concrete structure.

Extreme testing of the OZ Saferoom
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FEMA shows Oz Saferoom at National Weather Center, Norman, OK, as success story for their mitigation program "PROJECT IMPACT."


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